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This plugin helps you make money from your CE-based community site by allowing you to charge members for premium content or features. It's currently in use on and

Recurring subscriptions and payment processing are handled through Amazon Payments (by default), so you don't have to worry about dealing directly with credit cards.

Flexible implementation is ready for i18n (currently locale file exists only for English), and makes it simple to wall off any section of your community to non-premium members. For example, you could make blogging, private messaging, or certain types of blog or forum content available only to premium members.

Requires CommunityEngine version 1.2.0 or greater


  • Drop in, easy installation
  • Integration with Amazon Payments, all you need is an Amazon Simple Pay account.
  • Offer multiple membership billing periods (admin-configurable)
  • Support for multiple subscription levels (i.e. Gold Member, Silver Member, etc.)

100.00 USD*     Buy Now

*Single site license - version upgrades and bug fixes included for one year