Community Engine

A Social Networking Plugin for Ruby on Rails


  • User profiles

    Users have rich profiles with customizable attributes like description, tags, location, gender and age.

  • Blogs

    Advanced blogging system with moderation, drafts, rss feeds and categories.

  • Private messaging

    One-to-many private messaging (with e-mail notification) is built right in.

  • Forums

    Discussion forums with topic monitoring, moderators, rich-text-posting and sticky topics.

  • Events

    Create events with RSVPs, calendar-date-selection, and iCal subscriptions.

  • Photo Uploading

    Photo uploading (including multiple-photo-uploader) with albums and tagging.

  • Clippings

    Clippings are visual bookmarks that allow users to save images from around the Web and organize them using tags.

  • Static Pages

    Create generic static content (i.e. FAQ or support pages)

  • Commenting

    Almost everything in CE is commentable (user profiles, blog posts, photos, clippings, etc.). Anonymous (not-logged-in) commenting is supported, as is the reCaptcha system.

  • Friendships

    Request friendship with other users. Accept or block requests, view activity feeds from your friend network.

  • Activity Feeds

    Store user actions (commenting, blogging, updating profile, etc.) to the activity feed. Add custom activity feed item types.

  • Easy to Customize

    Override any aspect of CE's functionality to tailor your CE-based site to your specific needs.

  • Localization

    CE is localized into 5 languages, with support for adding more localizations built into the framework, using Rails' native i18n API.